Time tracking on your mobile Android device

Today’s busy professionals require an app to accurately track time and bill clients. From freelancers to consultants to lawyers and contractors, users of Xpert-Timer Mobile can track hours for projects and clients. Manage and organize the time you spend on various projects and get time reports to bill your clients accurately. Xpert-Timer Mobile is a native Android application and does not require an internet connection. Track your time anywhere..anytime!


Time tracking and reporting
You can add comments to every created timestamp in your Xpert-Timer Mobile. If you run the timestamp report, you can see exactly how long you've worked on different tasks or projects, the comment each timestamp and the total spent time.


Exchange data with Windows system
Keeping all the data on your smartphone is too risky for you? With additional modules, it's possible to exchange data from your mobile phone with the main database in your office. This can be a MS-SQL, MySQL or Access database.

Purchase / Trial

Purchase your Xpert-Timer on Google Play

Xpert-Timer Mobile is availabe in a trial and full version. You can create up to 50 timestamps in the trial version and then purchase the product in Google Play. If you don't want to use a credit card for the purchase you need to buy the product at AndroidPit.